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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paint.NET v3.36 (Thinstalled full with .NET2)

Paint.NET v3.36 (Thinstalled full with .NET2)


Thinstall notes

Directory Isolation = Merged <---------------- this is the always convenient
Sandbox folder name = Data

Deleted the folder "NativeImages_v2.0.50727_32" of .NET 2.0 as according to a Thinstall video demo of thinstalling .NET 2.0 this folder with its file size of contents was not needed at all for Paint.Net to run once built. this saved an impressive 92mb. So instead of the built Thinstall exe size of 110mb with compression=fast now this was cut down to a resulted 48mb total with the same compression=fast buit with the deletion of "NativeImages_v2.0.50727_32" folder (without the quotes)

Easily use the file manager of CubicExplorer to remove or inspect Paint.NET plugin files in the 'Program Files' in 'Paint.NET' virtual folder. As with these virtualizations you SHOULD see a folder 'Paint.NET' in the c:\program files folder which is not actually physically on your own system rather is inclusive in this particular Thinstall virtual made sandbox.

To add plugins you have to start up Paint.NET.exe and then go to 'Open' and from there browse to C:\program files\Paint.NET\Effects and in the 'Effects' folder copy and paste your desired plugin files. they would not be visible as Paint.NET does only opens image files and not any file usually under a 'all' in many application's open dialog.

c:\program files\Paint.NET\Effects ---------------> It is the 'Effects' folder you are looking for. Simply copy and paste any necessary plugins (.dll, zip etc) to this folder directly.


1. CubicExplorer is extremely slow when adding files to the Paint.NET folder to the point of CubicExplorer freezing

2. So use CubicExplorer.exe to launch and go into 'C:\program files\Paint.NET\Effects' to inspect or remove desired plugins

3. CubicExplorer before Thinstall build has been set to always open in the first tab 'C:\program files\' from the onset, for that instant ease without navigating to folders.

4. Copy and paste works smoother than drag n drop of plugin files within the 'Open' dialog of Paint.NET

5. Oh yeah, like myself, try to backup your thinstall sandbox folder every now again (like make .rar file) and in the event of a crash after many times of using a Thinstalled application it is as easy as deleting all the contents inside the sandbox folder. Hey presto


45 mb

Over 100+ plugins


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