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Sunday, July 5, 2009

DevX builds & Sources (Locked) (Updated to 9.1.5)

DevX builds & Sources (Locked) (Updated to 9.1.5)
This is the "patched" version of dxperience and eXpressApp Framework (XAF) v8.3.6
no source code is compiled. I repeat: this is not a compiled version. all the file sizes are the same as the original version.
the modifications are tried to be kept at minimum, so everything should work fine.

what's new:
- patched all assemblies with the same PKT which is used in the previous installers. strong key is included in the installer.
- localized satellite assemblies are compiled and included in the installer
- the generated serial is for dxperience universal subscription. don't bother, it will not work with original assemblies. it will only work with patched version. so you have to install the whole package.
- xpo now supports all providers that original dxperience package supports. after all it is the same as the original assembly with only several bytes modified.
- patching demo executables is made optional. if you don't choose to patch demo files installation will take less time and only necessary files will be patched.

installation steps:
1- install dxperience v8.3.6 trial. either download it from devexpress or from rapidshare:
2- download and install the following:
3- (optional) install expressapps framework v8.3.6 trial. download it either from devexpress or from the following rapidshare link:
4- (only if you install XAF in item 3) download and install the following:
password: elitecoders
use 7-zip to extract:

1 comment:

Vahidreza said...

Hi. You mean if we install this 8.3.6 version and then use your patches we will get into 9.1?!
does it include the source and can we modify it, maybe localize it to our own languages?

Please reply me soon and help me.

Thanks so much.

My email is :
vahidreza.mousavi at gmail dot com