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Monday, July 6, 2009

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise x86 x64 ia64 (Final)

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise x86 x64 ia64 (Final)

EditionComprehensive Data Solution for the Enterprise
SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive data management and business intelligence platform that provides enterprise-class scalability, data warehousing, advanced analytics, and security for running business-critical applications. With this edition, you can consolidate servers and perform large-scale online transactional processing and reporting

High Availability
Ensure business continuity with technologies that protect your data against costly human errors, and minimize disaster-recovery downtime.

Performance and Scalability
Deliver an infrastructure that has a proven record in handling large amounts of data and critical enterprise workloads.

Address privacy and compliance requirements and built-in features that protect your data against unauthorized access.

Manage your infrastructure with automated diagnostics, tuning, and configuration to reduce operational costs while reducing maintenance and managing very large amounts of data.

Business Intelligence
Easily query and analyze large amounts of data in your data warehouse and data marts to transform it into business insight.

Key Usage Scenarios
Run business-critical data management applications with enterprise-class scalability, high availability, and security.

Manage online transaction processing (OLTP) on a very large scale.

Perform advanced analytics on large amounts of data in data warehouses.

Create reports on the analysis of large amounts of data.

New Features to Enterprise
Manage large, growing tables more effectively by transparently breaking them into manageable blocks of data with partitioned table parallelism.

Take advantage of failover clustering enhancements in Windows Server 2008.

Recover corrupt data pages from a mirror server with enhanced database mirroring features. Watch the short demo.

Use online operations to add new nodes to a peer-to-peer replication solution without taking replication offline.

Use Resource Governor to proactively control workload prioritization and resource allocation.

Improve restore times, and reduce backup volumes with new support for backup compression.

Reduce downtime for hardware maintenance with hot-add CPU capabilities.

Use Performance Data Collector to troubleshoot, tune, and monitor SQL Server 2008 instances across the enterprise.

Employ enterprise-wide encryption solutions with Extensible Key Management and Hardware Security Modules.

Encrypt data without modifying applications, using Transparent Data Encryption.

Audit all actions with the new Audit object

Store data more effectively and reduce storage requirements for your data using data compression.

Use star join query optimizations reduce query response time by recognizing data warehouse join patterns.

Integrate the latest information into the data warehouse using change data capture.

Build high-performance analysis solutions to reach virtually any number of users with scalability and performance enhancements in SQL Server Analysis Services. Watch the short demo.

Advanced Data Mining algorithms

Take advantage of on-demand processing and better performance with the re-engineered reporting engine for SQL Server Reporting Services. Watch the short demo.

Increase extract, transform, and load (ETL) performance in SQL Server Integration Services with scalable lookup tasks.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise x86 (Final)

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise x64 (Final)

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise ia64 (Final)

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