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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Network Security Tools (with source code)

Author(s): Justin Clarke, Nitesh Dhanjani
Publisher: O'Reilly
Year: Apr, 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00794-9
Language: English
File type: CHM
Pages: 352
Size (for download): 1.72 MB

This concise, high-end guide shows experienced administrators how to customize and extend popular open source security tools such as Nikto, Ettercap, and Nessus. It also addresses port scanners, packet injectors, network sniffers, and web assessment tools. Network Security Tools is the one resource you want at your side when locking down your network.

If you're an advanced security professional, then you know that the battle to protect online privacy continues to rage on. Security chat rooms, especially, are resounding with calls for vendors to take more responsibility to release products that are more secure. In fact, with all the information and code that is passed on a daily basis, it's a fight that may never end.

Fortunately, there are a number of open source security tools that give you a leg up in the battle. Often a security tool does exactly what you want, right out of the box. More frequently, you need to customize the tool to fit the needs of your network structure. Network Security Tools shows experienced administrators how to modify, customize, and extend popular open source security tools such as Nikto, Ettercap, and Nessus. This concise, high-end guide discusses the common customizations and extensions for these tools, then shows you how to write even more specialized attack and penetration reviews that are suited to your unique network environment. It also explains how tools like port scanners, packet injectors, network sniffers, and web assessment tools function. Some of the topics covered include:
- Writing your own network sniffers and packet injection tools
- Writing plugins for Nessus, Ettercap, and Nikto
- Developing exploits for Metasploit
- Code analysis for web applications
- Writing kernel modules for security applications, and understanding rootkits

While many books on security are either tediously academic or overly sensational, Network Security Tools takes an even-handed and accessible approach that will let you quickly review the problem and implement new, practical solutions--without reinventing the wheel. In an age when security is critical, Network Security Tools is the resource you want at your side when locking down your network.

Chapter 01 - Writing Plug-ins for Nessus
Chapter 02 - Developing Dissectors and Plug-ins for the Ettercap Network Sniffer
Chapter 03 - Extending Hydra and Nmap
Chapter 04 - Writing Plug-ins for the Nikto Vulnerability Scanner
Chapter 05 - Writing Modules for the Metasploit Framework
Chapter 06 - Extending Code Analysis to the Webroot
Chapter 07 - Fun with Linux Kernel Modules
Chapter 08 - Developing Web Assessment Tools and Scripts
Chapter 09 - Automated Exploit Tools
Chapter 10 - Writing Network Sniffers
Chapter 11 - Writing Packet-Injection Tools


Professional UML with Visual Studio .NET (with source code)

Author(s) : Andrew Filev, Tony Loton, Kevin McNeish, Ben Schoellmann, John Slater, Chaur G. Wu
Publisher : Wrox
Year : Dec 2002
ISBN 10 : 0764543768
ISBN 13 : 9780764543760
Language : English
Pages : 360
File type : CHM
Size : 19.8 MB (book + source code)

If you want to use Visio to create enterprise software, this is the book for you.

The integration of Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect and Visio for Enterprise Architects provides a formidable tool. Visio offers powerful diagramming capabilities, including such things as creating UML models, mapping out databases with Entity Relationship diagrams, and aiding the development of distributed systems. Its integration with Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect means that C# or Visual Basic .NET code can be generated from the UML diagrams, and Visual Studio .NET projects can be reverse engineered to UML models.

For the developer already familiar with UML and looking to get the best out of Visio, the Visual Studio .NET and Visio for Enterprise Architects combination is weakly documented, and the quality information needed to realize the time-saving features of Visio just does not seem to be available, until now.

This book presumes that you are already familiar with the basic concepts of UML notation ? this book will not teach you UML. Instead, this book will take you forward into the Visio environment, showing you how to make the most of its software related features.

Chapter 1 - Review of UML
Chapter 2 - A Tour of Visio
Chapter 3 - Diagramming Business Objects
Chapter 4 - Generating Code From the Visio Model
Chapter 5 - Reverse Engineering
Chapter 6 - Documenting the Project
Chapter 7 - Distributed System Design
Chapter 8 - Database Modeling with Visio for Enterprise Architects
Download From


VSdocman v3.5.3049

Click the image to open in full size.

Is a tool for commenting and the quick automatic generation of class documentation from your C# and VB .NET source code files. It is ideal tool for you if you create .NET component, control, application, smart device or web site (ASP .NET) projects.

VSdocman parses the Visual Basic .NET and C# projects and automatically creates MSDN-like API documentation with the table of contents, index, topics, cross-references, IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help.

Create MSDN-like documentation for your component, control or application.

With VSdocman you can:

* Add and use XML comments in your source code.
* Take advantage of its sophisticated WYSIWYG comment editor which helps you write your XML comments.
* Easily insert tables, lists, pictures, links and other formatting directly in your source code.
* Generate professional documentation in multiple and localizable output formats - HTML, CHM, Help2, RTF, XML (including new MSDN2 look).
* Fully integrate generated help into VS help system.
* Generate documentation in command line mode.
* Easily deploy Help2 documentation to the target computers.

VSdocman works as an add-in with:

* Visual Studio 2008 - all editions except for Express edition
* Visual Studio 2005 - all editions except for Express edition
* Visual Studio .NET 2003
* Visual Studio .NET 2002

home @:
dn @:

SiteFinity ver.2.5.1 CMS - ASP.NET + Source Code

Download SiteFinity ver.2.5.1 CMS - ASP.NET + Source Code

Sitefinity is a Web Content Management System, which provides an open, extensible environment of visual construction and management of public sites, intra- and extranets.

Although it offers a highly usable 100% WYSIWYG environment for non-technical business users, Sitefinity is built with the developer in mind. It uses an open modular architecture and a fully-exposed API, which allows web-developers to modify out-of-the-box functionality, add new modules, and reuse available ASP.NET components from the comfort of Visual StudioƂ® .Net.

Completely Browser-Based Application:
telerik Sitefinity is a completely browser-based application, which does not require downloads or installation of plug-ins, ActiveX controls, or Flash players. The content management capabilities of the application can be accessed from any computer with a supported browser.

100% WYSIWYG In-Context Site Management Environment:
Sitefinity is developed to transfer the process of web-site creation and content management entirely to the web. There are no preview buttons - your workspace is your staged web-site, so watch it grow. Thanks to the award-wining telerik r.a.d.designer component you will not have to select pages and content blocks from long lists and complex treeviews, but can rather use the site’s own navigation system to browse and manage the information in its true context.

System Requirements:
Server Mcft® Windows 2000,2003, or XP Professional Internet Information Services 4+ Mcft® .Net Framework v1.0+
Supported Databases Mcft® SQL Server 7+ Mcft® Access 2000+

Browser Client - Edit Mode Internet Explorer 5.5+, Netscape 4,7+, Mozilla 1.3+, Firefox 1.0+ JavaScript must be enabled
Browser Client - View Mode Internet Explorer 5.0+, Netscape 4,7+, Mozilla 1.3+, Safari 1.2.1+, Opera 7.5+, Konqueror, Firefox 1.0+ JavaScript must be enabled
Development Tools Best integration is provided for Mcft® Visual Studio.NET 2002+

Download SiteFinity ver.2.5.1 CMS - ASP.NET + Source Code part 1:

Download SiteFinity ver.2.5.1 CMS - ASP.NET + Source Code part 2:

Fast Download SiteFinity ver.2.5.1 CMS - ASP.NET + Source Code

Visual Basic 2008 Recipes

Visual Basic 2008 Recipes April 21, 2008
A Problem-Solution Approach (Recipes: a Problem-Solution Approach)
by Todd Herman (Author), Allen Jones (Author),
Matthew MacDonald (Author), Rakesh Rajan (Author)
Publisher: Apress (April 21, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1590599705
ISBN-13: 978-1590599709
704 pages

Product Description
Sometimes you just need to solve a problem and get on with your work. To that end, Visual Basic 2008 Recipes is a compendium of practical solutions for busy VB .NET programmers. Create time for the more interesting aspects of your VB .NET project by solving common problems with the practical solutions and dozens of code examples in this book. Important new .NET 3.5 technologies, such as Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and Language Integrated Query (LINQ), are covered, and each chapter addresses a specific problem domain, including database access, multimedia, XML manipulation, networking, and security. The code is free to download so you can use the recipes immediately.

Take advantage of quality, ready–made solutions to common Visual Basic programming problems.
Avoid the tedium of having to reinvent the wheel. Focus instead on the more interesting problems specific to your application.
Learn from and be inspired by what the authors have done. Use their work as stepping stones to solve even more complex problems.
What you’ll learn
Cleanly separate user–interface logic from business logic through the use of .NET 3.5’s WPF.
Store data to and retrieve data from your relational database using LINQ.
Manipulate XML data using LINQ.
Make your programs dynamically configurable through the judicious application of reflection.
Take advantage of multiple CPU cores by writing multithreaded applications.
Integrate multimedia into your Visual Basic projects.


Beginning Microsoft Visual Basic 2008

TITLE : Beginning Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 (Wrox Beginning Guides)
TYPE : Computer/Programming
AUTHOR : Thearon Willis / Bryan Newsome
ISBN : 0470191341
PAGES : 912 pages
RELEASE DATE: 08/28/2008

Features expanded coverage of Windows Vista, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows Communication Foundation
All code and examples are updated to cover the latest version of VB and the .NET 3.5 Framework
62 percent of developers use some form of Visual Basic; this book teaches readers the basics and gets them programming with one of Microsoft's most popular development languages
Readers quickly learn to write applications for Windows, the Web, and mobile devices
Also covers object-oriented programming, creating custom controls, working with databases, creating menus, and working with graphics
Other topics include building class libraries, Web services and .NET remoting, and deploying applications


Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 (Mastering) (Paperback)

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 (Mastering) (Paperback)

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 continues the approach of its previous editions by providing thorough, expert coverage of VB 2008, from the core of the language and user interface design to developing data-driven applications and Web applications. The material is aimed at beginners with some programming background to experienced programmers, with emphasis on intermediate and advanced development topics. The book will contain numerous example programs that readers can use as starting points for building their own applications, and each chapter ends with review exercises to help readers solidify their knowledge.


Programming Visual Basic 2008 Build .NET 3.5 Applications with Microsoft’s RAD Tool for Business

Ever since Visual Basic was merged into .NET, it’s become the core language for creating business applications with Windows. The latest version, VB 2008, is even more useful — and provides even more incentive for migrating from VB 6. All it lacks is a good book on how to harness its power. Programming Visual Basic 2008 fills the void.

Written in a lively and engaging style by a developer who’s grown up with Visual Basic, including both VB 6 and VB .NET, this hands-on guide addresses the core topics of the new VB, from basic to complex, with plenty of code examples. Programming Visual Basic 2008 also examines .NET programming from the application level with a chapter-by-chapter plan for developing, documenting, and deploying a full data-driven application. You learn, step-by-step, how to build and deploy a library management system, complete with patron, inventory, and barcode support.

The book’s broad range of topics include: VB language and its syntax An overview of the .NET Framework Object-oriented development in VB and .NET Generic objects, collections, and nullable types Design and management of software projects Integrating desktop features with Windows Forms Database design with SQL Server 2008 Database interface design with ADO.NET The new LINQ feature, and how to use it within VB and .NET Embedding XML within application source code Encryption and authentication in .NET Interacting with data stored in files and directories Web development using ASP.NET Deploying an application to a user’s workstation And much more Programming Visual Basic 2008 is ideal for VB 6 programmers who are ready to move to .NET, as well as VB.NET programmers who wish to improve their project-focusedsoftware development skills.

Programming novices and developers coming from other languages will find the book valuable because of its language instruction and project design knowledge. Once you finish the book, you will have a firm grasp of VB 2008’s core concepts and language elements, and understand how to build VB projects as they were intended — as complete, cohesive solutions.


Visual Basic 2008

Visual Basic 2008

Teach yourself the fundamentals of working with Visual Basic 2008-one step at a time. With STEP BY STEP, you work at your own pace through hands-on, learn-by-doing exercises. Whether you're a beginning programmer or new to this specific language, you'll understand the core capabilities and fundamental techniques for Visual Basic 2008-and rapidly build robust, elegant applications. Each chapter puts you to work, showing you how, when, and why to use the latest features of Visual Basic-guiding you each step of the way as you create actual components and working applications for Windows. You'll also explore data management and Web-based development topics. PLUS-get practice files with sample code and data sets on the companion CD.

Key Book Benefits:

* Covers the latest enhancements and features of Visual Basic 2008
* Provides step-by-step guidance on how to use Visual Basic 2008 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
* Features easy-to-follow, logically planned lessons in the popular STEP BY STEP format-ideal for anyone
* Includes a companion CD with data sets and code samples

Visual Basic 2008.part1.rar (24.32 MB)
Visual Basic 2008.part2.rar (1.37 MB)

File Password:


Windows Appz

!!! Mon$ter$ Of Metal !!!

The File Password for all the files in the folders above is the same as the one for this post.

Visual Basic 2005 With .NET 3.0 Programmers Reference (with source code)

With this completely up-to-date tutorial and reference, you’ll quickly learn how to develop Visual Basic (VB) programs that leverage the latest features of Vista and .NET 3.0. The tutorial section walks you through VB.NET from scratch, providing you with in-depth descriptions of the development environment, basic program syntax, and standard controls. You’ll also explore the fundamental concepts in object-oriented programming with VB.

In the comprehensive reference section, you’ll find out how to take advantage of specific VB features. Expert Rod Stephens shows you how to draw images, use GDI+ routines, and generate printed output. You’ll also discover how to build an application that interacts with its environment, save and load data in external sources, and use standard dialog controls. This approach makes it easier than ever to learn this powerful language and create your own dynamic programs.

This book is intended for programmers of all levels. It describes the Visual Basic .NET language from scratch, so you don’t need experience with previous versions of the language. The book also covers many intermediate and advanced topics. It covers topics in enough depth that even experienced developers will discover new tips, tricks, and language details. After you have mastered the language, you may still find useful tidbits throughout the book, and the reference appendixes will help you look up easily forgotten details.

The chapters move quickly through the more introductory material. If you have never programmed before and are intimidated by computers, then you might want to read a more introductory book first. If you are a beginner who’s not afraid of the computer, then you should have few problems learning Visual Basic .NET from this book.

If you have programmed in any other language, then fundamentals such as variable declarations, data types, and arrays should be familiar to you, so you should have no problem with this book. The index and reference appendices should be particularly useful in helping you translate from the languages you already know into the corresponding Visual Basic syntax.

Chapter 01 - IDE
Chapter 02 - Controls in General
Chapter 03 - Program and Module Structure
Chapter 04 - Data Types, Variables, and Constants
Chapter 05 - Operators
Chapter 06 - Subroutines and Functions
Chapter 07 - Program Control Statements
Chapter 08 - Error Handling
Chapter 09 - Introduction to Windows Forms Controls
Chapter 10 - Forms
Chapter 11 - Database Controls and Objects
Chapter 12 - Custom Controls
Chapter 13 - Drag and Drop, and the Clipboard
Chapter 14 - UAC Security
Chapter 15 - OOP Concepts
Chapter 16 - Classes and Structures
Chapter 17 - Namespaces
Chapter 18 - Collection Classes
Chapter 19 - Generics
Chapter 20 - Drawing Basics
Chapter 21 - Brushes, Pens, and Paths
Chapter 22 - Text
Chapter 23 - Image Processing
Chapter 24 - Printing
Chapter 25 - Reporting
Chapter 26 - Windows Presentation Foundation
Chapter 27 - Configuration and Resources
Chapter 28 - Streams
Chapter 29 - File-System Objects
Chapter 30 - Windows Workflow Foundation
Chapter 31 - Windows Communication Foundation
Chapter 32 - Useful Namespaces

Download here

Devexpress.DXperience and eXpressAppFramework v8.2.3 [VS.NET source code only]

source code

All the Visual Studio .NET component suites, libraries and IDE tools produced
by Developer Express in one package. DXperience includes all the Developer
Express .NET Windows Forms Components, ASP.NET Components plus IDE tools
(CodeRush and Refactor!), eXpress Persistent Objects (a Business Application Framework)
and eXpressApp Framework. The Windows forms products are 100% C# based and fully
optimized for Visual Studio 2005/2008. With just a couple of mouse clicks you
can add navigation and docking facilities using the XtraBars and XtraNavBar suites,
provide data browsing and editing by means of the XtraEditors, XtraGrid,
XtraTreeList, XtraVerticalGrid suites
The DXperience unified installer includes the following Visual Studio technologies:
Windows Components
* XtraGrid Suite
* XtraBars Suite
* XtraPivotGrid Suite
* XtraScheduler Suite
* XtraReports Suite
* XtraTreeList Suite
* XtraGauges Suite
* XtraWizard Control
* XtraVerticalGrid Suite
* XtraCharts Suite
* XtraLayoutControl Suite
* XtraNavBar
* XtraEditors Library
* XtraPrinting Library
* XtraSpellChecker

ASP.NET Components

* XtraReports Suite
* XtraCharts Suite
* ASPxGridView and Editors Suite
* ASPxScheduler Suite
* ASPxHTMLEditor Suite
* ASPxTreeList Suite
* ASPxEditors Library
* ASPxPivotGrid Suite
* ASPxSpellChecker
* ASPxCloudControl
* ASPxDataView
* ASPxMenu
* ASPxNavBar
* ASPxNewsControl
* ASPxPopupControl
* ASPxSiteMapControl
* ASPxTabControl
* ASPxTitleIndex
* ASPxUtilities Library

Object-Relational Mapping Library

* eXpress Persistent Objects

MySQL VTC Training CD

MySQL VTC Training CD

Virtual Training Company's MySQL tutorial is just want you need to begin designing and developing database management systems. Joshua Mostafa will help you go from a beginner's understanding of databases and SQL to gaining a mastery knowledge in only 8 hours worth of training. He starts the tutorial by covering the basics of databases and SQL. Once you are comfortable with the basics, let him guide you through the more complex aspects, such as variables and security.

Virtual Training Company makes learning the most challenging software easier. Open the program you want to learn. Open your VTC training CD. A friendly expert takes you smoothly from the basics of the program through every single feature. It's simple to apply what your learning as you go.

Need help in the middle of a project? You can quickly search the subject, and within seconds an expert is showing exactly what you need to know.

VTC makes it possible for you to become an expert in far less time, at a much lower cost, than any other form of training.

VTC...The Tutor in Your Computer!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Simple collection sort method

Public Function SimpleSort(ByVal strSortBy As String, _
ByVal MainSort As Object) As Boolean

'On Error GoTo Hell

'Establish the Temp Collection
Dim ClonedCollection As Collection
Set ClonedCollection = New Collection

'Used for Sorting Loop
Dim SubSort As Object

'Bind the Object to the Collections Item Class
Set SubSort = MainSort

'******************Copy The Collection

'Copy the collection to a Temp Collection for sorting
For Each MainSort In mCol
ClonedCollection.Add MainSort

'Erase it
Set mCol = Nothing

'Re-setup the New Collection
Set mCol = New Collection

'******************Add the Data Back in - Sorted

'Define Variables for the Sort Process
Dim lnth As Long 'Store the Collection Count
Dim strSortByMainSort As Variant 'Store the Value of the Main Sort Item

'Sorting by strSortBy String
For Each MainSort In ClonedCollection

'Store the Current value of the Main sort item
strSortByMainSort = CallByName(MainSort, strSortBy, VbGet)

'Set the current sorted collection count
lnth = mCol.Count

'Add First Item to Collection
If (lnth = 0) Then
mCol.Add MainSort
GoTo NextItem
End If

'Add Item After Last Item
Set SubSort = mCol.Item(lnth)
If (strSortByMainSort >= _
CallByName(SubSort, strSortBy, VbGet)) Then
mCol.Add MainSort, after:=lnth
GoTo NextItem
End If

'Insert in the middle of the collection
Dim nDx As Long: nDx = 1
For Each SubSort In mCol
If (strSortByMainSort < _
CallByName(SubSort, strSortBy, VbGet)) Then
mCol.Add MainSort, before:=nDx
GoTo NextItem
End If
nDx = nDx + 1


'Debug.Print "Items Sorted: " & mCol.Count


'Destroy the objects used
Set ClonedCollection = Nothing
Set SubSort = Nothing
Set MainSort = Nothing

SimpleSort = True

Exit Function


'Destroy the objects used
Set ClonedCollection = Nothing
Set SubSort = Nothing
Set MainSort = Nothing

'Add Error Handling Here

SimpleSort = False

End Function

Is In Array

Public Function IsInArray(ByVal FindValue As Variant, _
ByVal aryToSearch As Variant, _
Optional CaseSensitive As Boolean = True) As Boolean

On Error GoTo Hell

'Make sure array was passed
If Not IsArray(aryToSearch) Then Exit Function

'Determine search type
Dim lngSearchType As Long
If CaseSensitive Then
lngSearchType = vbBinaryCompare
lngSearchType = vbTextCompare
End If

'Create a string of the array and attempt to
'locate the Value
IsInArray = InStr(1, vbNullChar & Join(aryToSearch, _
vbNullChar) & vbNullChar, vbNullChar & FindValue & _
vbNullChar, lngSearchType) > 0

On Error GoTo 0
Exit Function

GoTo Exit_For

End Function

Convert a file to an array

Private Function FileToArray(ByVal strFileName As String) As String()

On Error GoTo Hell

'Convert any file to an array of text strings
'Split by vbCrLf's

Dim strEntireFile As String
Dim FileNum As Integer

'Set the inital array size
Dim retArray() As String

' Make sure exists
If (Dir(strFileName) = "") Then Exit Function

' Open file | Read all in
FileNum = FreeFile
Open strFileName For Binary Access Read As #FileNum

' Get whole file
strEntireFile = String(LOF(FileNum), 0)
Get #FileNum, , strEntireFile

' Close
Close #FileNum

' Remove the vbcrlf's at the end
Do Until (Right$(strEntireFile, 2) <> vbCrLf)
' Shorten by 2
strEntireFile = Mid$(strEntireFile, 1, Len(strEntireFile) - 2)

' Split by crlfs
retArray = Split(strEntireFile, vbCrLf)

'Return the array
FileToArray = retArray

Exit Function


' Return this
ReDim FileToArray(0)

End Function

Determine if Word is installed

Private Function IsWordInstalled() As Boolean

On Error GoTo Hell

'Attempt to connect to word
Dim objWord As Object
Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Document")

'Must have been successful
IsWordInstalled = True

Set objWord = Nothing
On Error GoTo 0
Exit Function

GoTo Exit_For

End Function

Determine if Excel is installed

Private Function IsExcelInstalled() As Boolean

On Error GoTo Hell

'Attempt to connect to word
Dim objExcel As Object
Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet")

'Must have been successful
IsExcelInstalled = True

Set objExcel = Nothing
On Error GoTo 0
Exit Function

GoTo Exit_For

End Function

Get the systems default printer

Public Declare Function GetProfileString Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetProfileStringA" _
(ByVal lpAppName As String, ByVal lpKeyName As String, _
ByVal lpDefault As String, ByVal lpReturnedString As String, _
ByVal nSize As Long) As Long


Public Function DefaultPrinter() As String

Dim strReturn As String
Dim intReturn As Integer

strReturn = Space(255)

'This gets the default printer name
intReturn = GetProfileString("Windows", ByVal "device", "", _
strReturn, Len(strReturn))

If intReturn Then
strReturn = UCase(Left(strReturn, InStr(strReturn, ",") - 1))
End If

DefaultPrinter = strReturn

End Function

Hanlde Adonet Null Value Using VB.Net

If you try the old fashioned way of checking for null:

If IsNull(rsCompany("Name")) Then

Visual Studio will tell you that IsNull is not supported and to use DBNull instead. At first I thought this was really nice. However, when I tried to do:

If rscompany("Name") = DBNull Then

I got an error about assignments not allowed to a type! What was I to do?

The Visual Studio help was its usual cryptic self ("The DBNull class is for handling NULL values"...accurate by not alot of help). After some fumbling around, I stumbled on the answer, and thought I'd share it to hopefully save someone 5 minutes of having to research it:

If rsCompany("Name") is DBNull.Value then

Generate Random String Using VB.Net

'Dim R As clsRandomString = New clsRandomString()
'Response.Write(R.Create & "
'Response.Write(R.Create & "
'Response.Write(R.Create & "
Imports System.Security.Cryptography
Public Class clsRandomString
' Creates a random password
Public CharacterSet As String = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890"
Public MinLength As Integer = 1
Public MaxLength As Integer = 50
Public Function Create() As String
Dim Generator As RandomNumberGenerator
Dim Buffer(MaxLength) As Byte
Dim Length As Integer
Dim Index As Integer
Dim Position As Integer
Dim Password As String = ""
Dim CharacterCount As Integer = CharacterSet.Length
Generator = RandomNumberGenerator.Create()
Length = (Buffer(0) Mod (MaxLength - MinLength)) + MinLength
For Index = 1 To Length
Position = Buffer(Index)
Position = Position Mod CharacterCount
Password &= CharacterSet.Substring(Position, 1)
Return Password
End Function
End Class

List the machines on my network Using VB.Net

' 1. connect to your domain controller, binding using currently logged on credentials
Dim root As New DirectoryEntry("LDAP://dc=contoso,dc=local")

' 2. put together an ldap query to retrieve all computer accounts
Dim searcher As New DirectorySearcher(root)
searcher.Filter = "(objectClass=computer)"
searcher.SearchScope = SearchScope.Subtree
searcher.Sort = New SortOption("displayName", SortDirection.Descending)

' 3. execute the query
Dim results As SearchResultCollection = searcher.FindAll()

' 4. loop through the results
For Each computer As SearchResult In results

Writing File Using VB.Net

Using File stream in VB.Net (clsFile)

Imports System.IO
Public Class clsFiles
Private myBoolVar As Boolean
Property isDirty() As Boolean
'returns or sets the isdirty property
Return myBoolVar
End Get
Set(ByVal Value As Boolean)
myBoolVar = Value
End Set
End Property
Public Function openFile(ByVal path As String) As String
'opens a text file and returns the contents as a string
Dim fdata As String
Dim fstream As System.IO.StreamReader
fstream = New StreamReader(path)
fdata = fstream.ReadToEnd()
Return fdata
Catch errors As Exception
MsgBox(errors.Message, MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation, "Error!")
End Try
End Function
Public Function saveFile(ByVal strData As String, ByVal path As String) As Boolean
'saves data passed to it to a file specified by the path variable
'returns true if all goes well
'returns false if $#!? hits the fan
Dim fstream As StreamWriter
Dim Contents As String
fstream = New StreamWriter(path)
Return True
Catch errors As Exception
MsgBox(errors.Message, MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation, "Error!")
Return False
End Try
End Function
End Class

67 Visual Basic.NET source codes

English | RAR | 20 MB

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GLGrid 1.2.1 ActiveX

GLGrid 1.2.1 ActiveX

A powerful ActiveX Grid Control to insert and read Data from your application.

# Up to 40000 rows and 256 columns
# Grid editor
# Load and Save templates
# Customise each cell with Font, Color and many details
# Copy and Paste from Excel and other applications
# Listbox and Combobox cell type
# Define many Datalist for Listbox and Combobox cells
# Sorting
# Many others.

Telerik OpenAccess ORM

Telerik OpenAccess ORM

Telerik OpenAccess is an Enterprise-grade ORM that simplifies the data access plumbing in desktop and web applications. With both forward and reverse mapping support, the tool offers transparent persistence for your DAL and business objects. OpenAccess ORM provides tight Visual Studio integration and allows you to create database independent code seamlessly. You will find many advanced features for code optimization and caching, as well as customization freedom to generate the code You want.


Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs 3.0

Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs 3.0

DataRepeater control, Line and Shape controls, PrintForm component, and Printer Compatibility Library all rolled into one download.

ComponentArt 2008 WebChart

ComponentArt 2008 WebChart

ComponentArt Charting blows away the competition in terms of overall features, rendering output and ease of use. On top of a great product, the support staff is responsive, knowledgeable and helpful in all areas. This product allowed us to design, develop and deploy a solution that is more usable, manageable and extendable than we thought was possible in zero-footprint chart.


NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2008

NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2008

Add, grid, ribbon, scheduling, toolbar, menu, listbar, tree, UI and editing functionality to your .NET Windows Forms. Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms is a comprehensive presentation layer toolset for quickly building and styling polished application UIs and delivering a great user experience, for Windows Forms, rich client applications. NetAdvantage for Windows Forms contains all essential UI controls for applications built using Visual Studio: grids, scheduling, charting, gauges, navigation, ribbon, toolbars, menus, listbars, trees, tabs, explorer bars, UI and many other editors, as well as Application Styling, Excel import/export, and a Document Export Engine for PDF and XPS formats. Infragistics NetAdvantage tools work natively within Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 and include Office 2007 styles, Vista styles, and Vista support. Included with every purchase of NetAdvantage for (.NET, Windows Forms, ASP.NET,) Infragistics provides product support, source code to the controls and frameworks, two releases yearly of customer driven products and features and more.

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Themida v2.0.3.0 with .NET support

Themida v2.0.3.0 with .NET support

With Themida® , we have centered in the main weakness that software protectors have thus providing a complete solution to overcome those problems. Themida® uses the SecureEngine® protection technology that, when running in the highest priority level, implements never seen before protection techniques to protect applications against advanced software kracking.


InstallShield 2009 Premier v15.0.0.498

InstallShield 2009 Premier v15.0.0.498

Create strong, reliable Windows Installers. InstallShield allows you to create flexible installations quickly and easily across all Windows operating systems. First-time developers find it easy to create installations, while power users find its depth and flexibility perfect for developing complex software installations. It supports the latest technologies, including Visual Studio 2005/2008, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0/3.5, SQL Server 2005 and Windows Vista

- Reduce development time Quickly and easily build your installations by moving pieces of an existing project (dialogs, custom actions, or features) to another installation project; create and manage re-usable project outlines so you don't have to start your installations from scratch
- Easily customize your installations Modify the layout of existing end-user dialogs or create new ones for each language your installation supports; manage multiple product versions, allowing specific features to be included in a release via user-defined flags; and much more
- Better control your installations with InstallScript Add InstallScript custom actions to your MSI projects or create InstallScript projects that control your entire installation
- Get advanced support for latest technologies Windows Vista, .NET Framework 3.5, IIS 7.0, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2008, Direct X 9.0c, Windows Mobile platforms, and more; edit XML files; and add 64-bit support to your installations
- Validate your installations for Windows Vista
- Easily test your installations for Windows Vista compatibility
- Applying for Windows Vista certification? Save time and money by validating full projects and merge modules to ensure compliance with extensive "Certified for Windows Vista" program guidelines before you apply

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Chart for OLAP Services for Windows Forms v6.1.0.1728 For Visual Studio 2008

Chart for OLAP Services for Windows Forms v6.1.0.1728 For Visual Studio 2008

Extend the Dundas Chart for ASP.NET Enterprise Edition with a complete set
of .NET components to assist with fast, interactive, analytical processing
of multidimensional data.}&down=teldown

Active Query Builder v1.7.5.131 .NET Edition

Active Query Builder v1.7.5.131 .NET Edition

Active Query Builder .NET Edition is a visual query builder component suite that allows your end-users to build complex SQL queries with unions and subqueries via an intuitive visual interface.

Active Query Builder .NET Edition supports Visual Studio .NET 2005 and 2008, Windows.Forms environment. The component was successfully tested with .NET Frameworks 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5

* Completely visual building of complex SQL queries.
* MS-Access style and SQL Server style interface.
* User-friendly interface with drag & drop support.
* Powerful means of working with parameters.
* Working in offline mode, storing metadata in XML files.
* Delicate handling of user queries.
* Restricting access to unwanted objects
* Sophisticated SQL parser.
* SQL Server, Access, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Sybase, IBM DB2, Informix and ANSI SQL/92 dialects support.
* Direct connect to VistaDB 3 and Advantage Database Server.
* SQL Formatter.


1. Install aplikasi.
2. Copy kracked ke assemblies folder.

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Crystal Reports Developer 2008 v12 XI Business Objects

Crystal Reports 2008 Developer

Crystal Reports Developer 2008 v12 XI Business Objects

Transforming data into actionable information.

Crystal Reports 2008 is a powerful, dynamic, actionable reporting solution that helps you design, explore, visualize, and deliver reports via the web or embedded in enterprise applications. It enables end users to consume reports with stunning visualizations, conduct on-report business modeling, and execute decisions instantly from the report itself—reducing dependency on IT and developers.


Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Video Training Course

Course Highlights

  • Format strings and work with namespaces in the .NET Class Library.
  • Understand basic language elements such as statements, operators, comments and naming conventions.
  • Use Flow Control Statements.
  • Use Object Oriented Programming features like the Class Designer, Constructors and Abstract Base Classes.
  • Working with coding tools such as DataView, Design View and Code View.

  • Use Click Once Deployment to install a Windows Application over the web.

Course Features

About This Course

This Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Training Course provides development professionals with the fundamentals of programming using Microsoft Visual C# 2005. In this course, you’ll learn to use the C# Compiler and .NET Class Library. You’ll also learn about Value- and Reference-Type variables as well as creating Windows applications and working with new C# concepts such as Static Classes, Click Once Deployment and Nullable Types.

Throughout this course, your instructor, James Lee Carr, will empower you to code C# programs to address constantly changing software needs with plenty of hands-on work in Visual Studio 2005. You’ll learn about C#‘s support for object oriented programming among other topics.

There are 90 lessons across 5 levels in this course – all designed to give you an introduction to the fundamentals of Visual C# 2005 development.


James Carr

Microsoft Certified Trainer

James Lee Carr is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with mcTrainers.NET. He specializes in authoring and delivering dynamic coursware for .NET programmers. He’s written C applications for the Sharp Zaurus handheld, C++ applications for Windows CE and C# applications for the desktop and the web. He’s been working with .NET since PDC 2000. In 2003 Microsoft designated him as a .NET Early Achiever. He currently designs data-driven distributed applications using ASP.NET and Sql Server.

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Windows Vista Training Package

You get 19+ Hours of Training covering Microsoft Windows Vista. “Get your Hands Dirty” with this Real World Training that is 100% Instructor Led! In this course Scott Skinger will lead you through Scenarios and Examples that will have you ready to tackle anything Windows Vista will throw at you.

Windows Vista Training Videos:

* Know Your Installation Options and How to Install Windows Vista(The Right Way!)
* Master Windows Vista’s New User Interface and Navigation
* Users & Groups Are the First Step to Securing Your Systems While Maximizing Performance - We’ll Teach You the Ropes
* Learn How Vista Can Be Utilized in a Networked Environment
* Now More Than Ever Users Are Mobile - Understand Vista’s New Mobile PC and Wireless Features
* Keep Your Systems Fast and Clean With Vista’s Disk Management Tools
* Customize Windows Vista’s Security to Your Needs as You Are Walked Through NTFS Permissions, Share Permissions, Security Programs and more
* Internet Explorer 7 and Its New Security Features in Vista For a Safer Web Experience
* Running Software in Vista Is Different Now Than Ever Before. Know What Your Systems Are Doing and How They’re Doing It.
* Need to Make Administering Your Systems Easier? We Cover All the Tools You Need to Speed Up Your Tasks: Performance Monitor, Event Viewer, Management Console, etc…
* Learn the Intricacies of Installing New Hardware and Printers Within Vista
* Backups are Important! Know How To Do Them Right in Vista
* Master Windows Vista’s New Group Policy Features
* …This is Just the Beginning!!!
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Total Video Training

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Total Video Training

Title: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Productivity with .NET Framework 2.0
Category: Development & Programming
Presenter: Asli Bilgin
Asli Bilgin is an industry recognized speaker on the latest advancements with Microsoft technologies, and serves as a contributing editor to various technical publications. Asli’s latest book Mastering Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET (Sybex), has been translated into six languages and serves as the curriculum for college and post-graduate institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, and India.
Platform: Windows
Format: DVD-ROM & Online
Running Time: 7 Hrs, 2 DVDs
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Project Files: Included
Solutions: Multi-User Education Government International More
Description: These self-guided lessons from Total Training help you increase your knowledge and understanding of Visual Studio. Whether you are looking to stay competitive or just keep up to date on the latest Microsoft technology, this series is your ticket to success. Get warmed up with some basics on building smart client and web applications, as well as exception handling, debugging and security considerations. See how you can rapidly build applications using the productivity features of Visual Studio 2005.

Note: The source code within this training is implemented in visual C# and


  • Learn how to be more productive and obtain faster results with Windows Forms Applications and Web Form Applications.
  • Discover how to produce dynamic desktop, smart client and web applications.
  • Streamline communication and collaborate more effectively within your software teams with the Web Site Administration Tool.
  • Take steps to ensure quality early and often throughout the development process.
  • Understand how to build a robust user interface with ASP.NET 2.0.
  • *Subscriptions to Total Training Online are only available via annual plans. The $249.99 per year is the price of the lowest subscription plan available. The full subscription price is a one-time charge and will be billed to your account at the time of purchase. Total Training Online subscriptions are non-refundable.

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