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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Visual Basic 2008

Visual Basic 2008

Teach yourself the fundamentals of working with Visual Basic 2008-one step at a time. With STEP BY STEP, you work at your own pace through hands-on, learn-by-doing exercises. Whether you're a beginning programmer or new to this specific language, you'll understand the core capabilities and fundamental techniques for Visual Basic 2008-and rapidly build robust, elegant applications. Each chapter puts you to work, showing you how, when, and why to use the latest features of Visual Basic-guiding you each step of the way as you create actual components and working applications for Windows. You'll also explore data management and Web-based development topics. PLUS-get practice files with sample code and data sets on the companion CD.

Key Book Benefits:

* Covers the latest enhancements and features of Visual Basic 2008
* Provides step-by-step guidance on how to use Visual Basic 2008 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
* Features easy-to-follow, logically planned lessons in the popular STEP BY STEP format-ideal for anyone
* Includes a companion CD with data sets and code samples

Visual Basic 2008.part1.rar (24.32 MB)
Visual Basic 2008.part2.rar (1.37 MB)

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