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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Softgroup.dotNet MDI Bar v2.0.3191

Is a fast, small and lightweight .NET bar control for automatic tracking of MDI children in an MDI parent form.

To use Softgroup .Net MDI Bar simply add .Net MDI Bar control to the Toolbox window of Microsoft Visual Studio and drag it to your form.

Control Features:

• Automatically detect when an MDI child is added or removed (no code required)
• Auto hide feature when no MDI child forms are visible
• Optional display a Close Button with custom foreground colour and auto-hide feature
• Hide/Show forms icons on MDI tab buttons
• Customizable foreground colour for text of MDI tab buttons
• Support standard .Net rendering
• Can show first displayed MDI child form maximized
• Support Dock on Top or Bottom of MDI container

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