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Friday, December 19, 2008

Transact-SQL 101

Series Description This series will introduce you to the Transact-SQL (T-SQL) language. T-SQL is used to interact with your relational database for such tasks as retrieving records from your tables, updating, inserting and deleting data. This series is geared towards the absolute beginner and will give you the foundation needed to becoming a T-SQL expert.
Tutorials In This Series

Lesson 1: SQL Server 2005 and Transact-SQL
* Introduction to SQL
Duration: 6 Minutes 34 Seconds
* Using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
Duration: 20 Minutes 24 Seconds
* Installing the Sample Databases
Duration: 4 Minutes 58 Seconds
Lesson 2: SQL Server Data Types
* Understanding and Using Data Types
Duration: 16 Minutes 02 Seconds
* Understanding and Enforcing Data Integrity
Duration: 7 Minutes 36 Seconds
Lesson 3: Retrieving Data (Part I)
* Retrieving Data Using the SELECT Statement
Duration: 10 Minutes 55 Seconds
* Limiting Your Result Set Using TOP
Duration: 3 Minutes 38 Seconds
Lesson 4: Retrieving Data (Part II)
* Filtering Results Using the WHERE clause
Duration: 9 Minutes 15 Seconds
* Using AND, OR and Other Logical Operators
Duration: 9 Minutes 10 Seconds
* Finding Data Using the LIKE Operator
Duration: 13 Minutes 23 Seconds
Lesson 5: Joining Tables
* Joining Tables Using INNER Joins
Duration: 10 Minutes 22 Seconds
* Using Inner Joins to Join More Than Two Tables
Duration: 7 Minutes 15 Seconds
* Joining Tables Using LEFT, RIGHT and FULL OUTER Joins
Duration: 10 Minutes 54 Seconds
Lesson 6: Modifying Data
* Inserting Records Using INSERT
Duration: 10 Minutes 56 Seconds
* Updating Records Using UPDATE
Duration: 9 Minutes 13 Seconds
* Deleting Records Using DELETE
Duration: 3 Minutes 36 Seconds
Lesson 7: Using String and Data Functions
* Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Functions
Duration: 10 Minutes 59 Seconds
* Using the LEFT, RIGHT and SUBSTRING Functions
Duration: 9 Minutes 05 Seconds
* Manipulating Strings Using LTRIM, RTRIM and Other String Functions
Duration: 8 Minutes 47 Seconds
* Understanding and Using SQL Server Date Functions
Duration: 5 Minutes 14 Seconds
* Performing Date Calculations Using DATEADD and DATEDIFF
Duration: 5 Minutes 50 Seconds
Lesson 8: Aggregate, Ranking and Other Functions
* Using Aggregate Functions to Group Data
Duration: 15 Minutes 15 Seconds
* ROWNUMBER, RANK and Other Ranking Functions
Duration: 9 Minutes 08 Seconds
* Changing Data Types Using CAST and CONVERT
Duration: 11 Minutes 31 Seconds
Lesson 9: Subqueries
* Understanding and Using Subqueries
Duration: 10 Minutes 49 Seconds
Lesson 10: Control-Of-Flow Language
* Display Alternate Values Using the CASE Function
Duration: 9 Minutes 38 Seconds
Lesson 11: Introduction to Temporary and Derived Tables
* Using Common Table Expressions (CTE)
Duration: 7 Minutes 02 Seconds
* Writing Recursive Queries Using Common Table Expressions
Duration: 9 Minutes 25 Seconds
Lesson 12: Variables
* Introduction to SQL Server Variables
Duration: 10 Minutes 43 Seconds

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