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Friday, December 19, 2008

Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Video Training Course

Course Highlights

  • Format strings and work with namespaces in the .NET Class Library.
  • Understand basic language elements such as statements, operators, comments and naming conventions.
  • Use Flow Control Statements.
  • Use Object Oriented Programming features like the Class Designer, Constructors and Abstract Base Classes.
  • Working with coding tools such as DataView, Design View and Code View.

  • Use Click Once Deployment to install a Windows Application over the web.

Course Features

About This Course

This Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Training Course provides development professionals with the fundamentals of programming using Microsoft Visual C# 2005. In this course, you’ll learn to use the C# Compiler and .NET Class Library. You’ll also learn about Value- and Reference-Type variables as well as creating Windows applications and working with new C# concepts such as Static Classes, Click Once Deployment and Nullable Types.

Throughout this course, your instructor, James Lee Carr, will empower you to code C# programs to address constantly changing software needs with plenty of hands-on work in Visual Studio 2005. You’ll learn about C#‘s support for object oriented programming among other topics.

There are 90 lessons across 5 levels in this course – all designed to give you an introduction to the fundamentals of Visual C# 2005 development.


James Carr

Microsoft Certified Trainer

James Lee Carr is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with mcTrainers.NET. He specializes in authoring and delivering dynamic coursware for .NET programmers. He’s written C applications for the Sharp Zaurus handheld, C++ applications for Windows CE and C# applications for the desktop and the web. He’s been working with .NET since PDC 2000. In 2003 Microsoft designated him as a .NET Early Achiever. He currently designs data-driven distributed applications using ASP.NET and Sql Server.

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