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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CBT Nuggets - On The Job Training Series C#

Learn valuable real-world C# skills
The On The Job Training Series: C# videos teach you how to go from an “interest in C# programming” to using it as a powerful development tool. You learn about how C# treats variables, operators, and expressions - the core elements of computer programming. You learn about methods, classes, objects, and assemblies. You learn many of the common functionalities you need to know to create applications for the enterprise. Plus, you learn how to use C# to create data-driven applications leveraging the power of XML and ADO.NET.
Although this series starts with the basics, Robert quickly turns up the power. You’ll find that by the end of the training you’ll know how to tap the potentials that programming in C# offers. You’ll know how to develop data-driven Web and Windows applications. You’ll have ideas for using C# to create real-world solutions - and you’ll know exactly how to act on those ideas. Plus you’ll have the foundation you need to go much deeper into C# on your own, to create unique functionality specific to your needs.Instead of mapping to a specific certification, these videos cover the need-to-know skills for developing enterprise applications using C#.

“Why C#?”
C# is a programming language designed for building applications that run on the .NET Framework. It allows easy development of applications for Windows, the Web, and mobile devices. As part of the .NET Framework, it is becoming a standard for Windows application development. It’s a programmer-friendly language that doesn’t compromise on features - so you can develop robust applications much more quickly than with other languages. There are even some pretty amazing free development tools you can use to make your C# development even quicker.
“Is this training for me?”
Whether you’re a beginner or experienced programmer, this training will provide excellent content that you can use to get a running start programming in C#.

You’re not required to have a background in computer programming to use the training. Having some programming experience can help you get quicker results with what you’ll learn, but the training doesn’t assume any prior knowledge beyond basic PC/Windows use. The On The Job Training Series: C# is structured to give you both an introduction to programming, and a large dose of real-world application development skills. This makes it beneficial anyone with interest in learning C#.
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