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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Essence of .NET Technology

The Essence of .NET Technology

.NET is the name for the Web-service-based technology from Microsoft providing software means of connecting devices, systems, people and information. Basing on the Microsoft platform, this technology enables the user to easily and quickly design, deploy, manage and use software solutions connected via Web-services with high level of security. For businesses .NET technology provides the opportunity of quick and effective integration of their systems and of really getting the information anytime, anywhere and on any device, as promised.

The Microsoft platform provides businesses with all the tools necessary to design and build a complete IT architecture connected via Web-services, it includes severs needed to host Web-services, all kinds of development tools to create these services and the applications to use them. Technical support and help is provided by more than 35 000 of Microsoft Certified Partner organizations all over the world.

Web Services: What Is It?

A developer would commonly describe a Web-service as something like “a software system designed to support interoperable Machine to Machine interaction over a network via common XML-messages that follow the SOAP standard”.

Yet a businessman who has implemented Web-service-based software solutions has a different understanding of this notion. For him Web-services are powerful tools that enable his business to interact more efficiently with customers, suppliers, partners and employees. They help to bring extended services to the customers and enable to organize the information flows in such a way that any employee can easily access the information or data he or she needs. They enable the employees to shorten the development period and reduce the expenses for new projects. Generally, a businessman has the understanding of benefits that Web-services bring to his business rather than the understanding of what they are.

The Advantages of Web-Services

What is most important about Web-services is that they provide the opportunity of cross-platform and cross-operating system information interchange. Thus there exist the following advantages that can be pointed out:

* Web-services bring new opportunities to the business by enabling to communicate with customers and partners in a more effective way
* Web-services deliver the users more personal, integrated experiences using the smart devices – including PCs
* Web-services help to reduce the development time for new projects
* The businesses’ Web-services are easily made accessible to its customers thus increasing the profits

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