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Thursday, December 4, 2008

CodeCharge Studio 4.0

Visually create database-driven Web applications without manual coding

CodeCharge Studio is a very powerful solution for visually creating database-driven Web applications without having to know coding.

Completing up to 90% of an application code within 5% of the usual development time, developers can focus on building sophisticated Internet systems without the hassles involving manual coding.

Through visual application builders, query designer and intuitive interface, developers can connect to any number of databases and utilize a variety of forms and templates to generate sophisticated, secure Web applications in record time.
CodeCharge Studio supports virtually all databases, web servers and web technologies such as ASP/VBScript, PHP, .NET (C# and VB.NET), ColdFusion, JSP, Java Servlets and Perl.

Leverage the latest industry standards and Internet technology to develop dynamic Web applications that can include portals, commerce sites, task management systems, enterprise resource planning applications, and more. Resulting applications can easily integrate with existing technology

CodeCharge Studio supports all Web servers and relational databases. Quickly develop Web applications for Web servers such as Microsoft IIS, Apache, Macromedia ColdFusion, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Netscape Enterprise Server, etc. that connect to relational databases that include Microsoft Access, MS SQL, mySQL, Oracle, Sybase, FoxPro, DB2, and others.

CodeCharge Studio offers new features for improved .NET and Java code-generation, enhanced code management, Editable Grids for advanced data publishing, Yahoo style Index/Directory, File Upload component and Diagramming capabilities.

Here are some key features of "CodeCharge Studio":

· Application Builder
· Web Reporting, Report Form and Web Report Builder
· Web Calendar Builder and Calendar Form
· Web Gallery Builder
· Form and Component Builders
· CSS Styles and Style Builder
· Visual Query Builder
· Security Management and Role-based Access Control
· Internationalization and Localization of Web Applications
· Editable Grid
· Index/Directory
· File Upload
· Rich Text (WYSIWYG) Editing through FCKeditor component support
· Multi-Select ListBox
· Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
· Source Control Integration
· Support for Multiple Programming Languages
· XHTML and Section 508 Support
· Extensibility
· Multiple Database Connections
· 'Remember Me' Feature
· Integration with Other Products
· Password Encryption
· Application Templates (Solutions)
· Custom Code and Actions
· Code Generation Engine
· Sample Databases
· Example Pack
· Panel Component
· Page and Component Caching
· AutoComplete
· Server Profiles
· Site Diagram
· Extensive Database Support
· Workspace Management
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