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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Open Source CMS (ASP.Net Ajax)

Open source CMS based on (ASP.Net) Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and SQL Server 2005

Content Management
The offers numerous features and tools, which enable editors, who have no technical or HTML knowledge, to create and edit contents of a website effectively and in an uncomplicated way.

Multi-Site Management allows the creation and administration of any number of websites with one system. Thereby it's possible to link these sites together over categories and relations and to administrate those together.

Language Management offers a service oriented architecture and internal workflows to integrate existing or new company wide translation platforms for all corporate language resources and translation processes.

Newsletter Management
NewsletterService provides creating of your personalized target group oriented newsletter to your customers and other interested parties.

Document Management offers the possibility to access central documents decentrally. By doing so the system uses its own features as well as the integration of Microsoft Windows Explorer.

E-Commerce & Product Information Management
E-Commerce & Product Information Management combines systems and functionalities which enable to gather product information from different sources and to administer and organize those centrally.

Customer Relationship Management
An intensive connection and support of customers are of elementary importance for each enterprise. offers several tools and functions from personal user contact up to offering surplus values.

Collaboration Management collaboration embraces processes and applications, which organize the cooperation of team members, different teams and external employees.

Cross Media Publishing
With the the content can be created media-neutrally and published to different formats or for different devices.


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