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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time PRO dotNET 7.31

Welcome to SSW Time PRO .NET. This is a totally integrated database
application designed for corporations who bill on a time or product basis.

Flexible and powerful, utilising the power of Microsoft SQL Server, SSW
Time PRO .NET’s push button approach to organizing everything from
invoicing and receipting, to Customer Relationship Management, will
streamline every part of your business. SSW Time PRO .NET is the easiest
way to manage and control your business.

Are you still using Excel for storing your corporate data?

Are you switching in and out of M.Y.O.B. when calling clients because it
lacks a contact manager?

Unable to configure automatic recurring invoices?

Then you need SSW Time PRO .NET - the all-in-one corporate database

Time PRO dotNET 7.31

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