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Friday, January 2, 2009

SQL Server 2008 (the developer side)

SQL Server 2008 (the developer side)Short Description
Your Data Any Place, Any Time. Enterprise Data Platform. Beyond Relational. Dynamic Development. Pervasive Insight.
Productivity Challenges:
Translating logical database schemas to business objects
Incorporating diverse data access syntax for multiple data sources
Creating and maintaining large, complex applications

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…ADO.NET Entity Data Model (EDM)
- Easy to understand conceptual data model
- Easy to design and develop applications
- Easy to maintain applications
- Get started quickly with the automatic creation of entities
- Data programming better with IntelliSense

A New Statement: MERGE
- Allows you to merge twotables together based on a set of criteria
- Useful for synchronizing data
- Great for consolidating in a Data Warehouse

Declarative Data Management (DMF)
- Declarative Management is a new policy-based management framework for the SQL Server Database Engine that delivers the following benefits:
- Ensure compliance with policies for system configuration
- Prevent/monitor changes to the system by authoring policies for the desired configuration
- Scale management across multiple servers
- Reduce total cost of ownership by simplifying administration tasks

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