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Friday, October 5, 2007

Migration VS 2002 / 2003 to VS2005

Migration VS 2002 / 2003 to VS2005

Many people still confusing of migrating VS2002 / 2003 to VS2005.
Let's help people by putting your idea on migration.
Let's start with me first

Things you need to consider when you are migration from VS2002 / 2003 to VS2005
1. Third party component
Check if your third party components do support in VS 2005.
Check the support document what you need to change and what you need to have.

Ribbon Component

Ribbon Component is one of the most searching component.
Most Ribbon components supprt in VS 2005 and VS2002 / 2003. In order to run a proper
Ribbon Component you need to have MS Office 2007

Report is you need to the most when you are developing application.
If you are using Crystal Report V9.xx with VS2002 / 2003. You need to upgrade it to
higher version.
Crystal Report V9 doesnt support Framework V2.
VS 2005 is using framework v2.

2. Database
You might want to change on your code. VS 2005 has a new features called ADONet Async. This a great features for speeding up your application and waiting time.
AdoNet Async is doing multiple jobs at the same time without waiting for the first task to finish.

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