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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Passing by Value and by Reference in Vb.Net

Imports System
Imports Microsoft.visualbasic

Class TestRef

Sub Change(ByRef i As String)
i = "Changed"
End Sub

Sub DontChange(ByVal i As String)
i = "Some Text"
End Sub

End Class

Class PassValue

Shared Sub main()
Dim objT As New TestRef()
Dim sChange As String = "DotNetExtreme"
Dim sDontChange As String = "DotNetExtreme"

'Value of sChange will change
MsgBox("Before = " & sChange)
MsgBox("After = " & sChange)

'Value of sDontChange will not change
MsgBox("Before = " & sDontChange)
MsgBox("After = " & sDontChange)

End Sub
End Class

' Compile the file from the command prompt as VBC Passval.vb

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